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    Down to Earth Reflexology
    Provides reflexology for all ages, specialising
    in helping couples with conception.
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    Benefits of reflexology
    Aid relaxation, ease tension, improve mood,
    promote sleep, balance hormones and
    improve general wellbeing.
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    Available from the Down to Earth
    therapy room in Letchworth

Down to Earth Reflexology

provides reflexology to clients at all stages of life, specialising in Reproductive Reflexology to support natural conception and IVF cycles & Reflexology Lymph Drainage to help reduce the swelling of lymphoedema.


Feeling stressed is draining and can cause poor health but reflexology could help you cope.


Living with pain is no fun but reflexology could lessen your pain sensations.


Let reflexology soothe you to sleep with its balancing and calming effects.


Ease the challenges of digestive problems and improve your nutritional health with reflexology.